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Points on Motivation

The definition of motivation is “the pursuit of an unmet need.” So when a person is passionately motivated to do something it is because they are trying to meet some unmet need that lives with in them.

And that is key one: the need comes from within. You cannot make someone want something they do not want for themselves–at least not in the long-term. Sure, you can bribe or threaten someone to do something short term to change their behavior, but you cannot effect long term motivational change on another, they have to do that for themselves.

Which leads us to key two: don’t confuse fear with motivation. What some might see as a motivated child is actually a child who fears punishment or loss of affection for not doing a sport. If think you are motivating a child by yelling, you would be incorrect.

Key three will help with assuring you are not inadvertently stepping on your child’s motivation: do not blur your motivation with that of your child’s. Sure, as a parent you might want you child to get a scholarship or as a coach you might want your athlete to overcome a mental block and just do that series already…but is that what the child really wants? Speaking of wants, we are all somewhat inconsistent with what we want, especially when it two competing values clash.

So key four is understanding that motivation is not consistent—has ebbs and flows—don’t judge it on a moment by moment basis. You’ll make everyone insane. Instead, look for patterns of behavior that indicate a child’s motivation. If, for instance, a child is less enthusiastic to go to practice on a Saturday morning because it interrupts watching cartoons, it might not be that the child isn’t motivated to do gymnastics but rather she is more motivated (at that moment) to continue to watch T.V. and is perfectly happy once she gets to the gym.

Which brings us to key five: it takes time to figure out what motivates us. Don’t be too worried if your child doesn’t have deep motivation for something. Help her find motivation by exposing her to positive activities and allowing her to find what interests her. That means from time to time as a parent or coach we need to encourage kids to try things that are new or different, and give them an opportunity to try more than once, to give them a chance to see what they like.

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We are officially back to school year scheduling. Session One is a five week session that begins Aug 14th and runs through Sep 16th.

Welcome Stan and Rachael! If you see a couple new coaches in the gym, say hello and welcome to the newest members of our staff, Stanley Chinyerere and Rachael Junkrowski They each bring years of competitive gymnastics and coaching experience with them and we are excited to have them on our team!

Back to School Special: Parents' Night Out

Boys and Girls ages 3 – 10 $22 per child, $20 for siblings

Open to DSG members and friends - August 26th from 5:30 - 9:00 pm

Enjoy an evening out while your kids have tons of fun!! Inflatable Jumpers ~ Open Gym ~ Pit Play ~ Crafts ~ Obstacle Courses ~ Rope Swing ~ Movie ~ and more!

2017 Back to School Session One