DSG Swing Into Spring Invitational

March 16-17, 2019

5840 Lamar St Arvada, CO

$5 admission per spectator

Additional parking in back of building


Saturday, March 16th

Session 1:      All Bronze gymnasts

        General Stretch:  8:00

        First Event Warm Up: 8:15

Session 2:    Silvers from Airborne Frederick, Kinetic, Rock, GU,

        General Stretch: 11:15

        First Event Warm Up: 11:30

Session 3:     Silvers from DSG, Golden, Airborne, Nogares, Ascent, Tigar, Aces

        General Stretch: 2:45

        First Event Warm Up: 3:00

Session 4:    Golds from DSG, GU, Rock, Golden, Airborne, Aces, Pinnacle

        General Stretch: 5:45

        First Event Warm Up: 6:00

Sunday, March 17th

Session 5:     Golds from Airborne Frederick, DSG, Ascent, Nogares, Xtreme, Tigar

        General Stretch: 8:00

        First Event Warm Up: 8:15

Session 6:    All Platinums and Diamonds

        General Stretch: 11:45

        First Event Warm Up: 12:00

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